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Drew Marine continues its commitment to Reliability, Performance and Compliance, through products and services delivered by these trusted brands.

Fire Safety and Rescue

Protection of the ship and crew is of primary importance to all ship owners and operators. To improve the safety of the world's fleet, SOLAS requires specific types and quantities of FSR equipment to be provided onboard vessels. Drew Marine Safety offers a comprehensive range of equipment to satisfy international regulations and help ensure vessel safety.

  • Full line of portable firefighting and safety equipment
  • Complete range of superior quality firefighting foam concentrates
  • Professionally engineered and retrofitted fixed fire extinguishing systems

Drew Marine Safety has the technical resources and specialized expertise to provide the best FSR service available within the international marine community. Through Drew Marine Safety service facilities and network of authorized service providers, we offer global 24-hour, 7-day a week service.

  • Inspection, full function testing, repair, hydrotesting of fixed fire extinguishing equipment,
    fire extinguishers, and safety equipment
  • Calibration services for gas detectors, pressure, and temperature sensors and meters
  • Laboratory analysis of fixed firefighting foam concentrates
  • Mobile Fire, Safety and Rescue Services

ACR Electronics

ACR / Artex (ACR Electronics, Inc.) is the leading development center for emergency beacons that are designed with one purpose in mind: Saving Lives. Through its combined technology expertise in the marine, aviation, outdoor and military markets, ACR designs and manufactures cutting edge rescue beacons and survival gear. ACR makes a host of survival products and has done so for 52 years.

ACR Electronics website is www.acrartex.com

Pains Wessex Marine Distress Signals

For over 100 years, Pains Wessex has been a leading supplier of marine distress signals.Pains Wessex lifesaving equipment is the most reliable and cost-effective available in the industry. With its advanced pyrotechnic marine distress signals, you can be sure you have made the right choice. Product quality, technological superiority and innovative design, combined with worldwide approvals and manufacturing to ISO 9001 standard, has placed Pains Wessex at the forefront of marine safety. With distributors in over 70 Countries our range of SOLAS, MED and USCG approved distress signals is available in most major ports worldwide.

Pains Wessex website is www.painswessex.com


Comet Marine Distress Signals

Comet rockets, flares and smoke signals can be found on the bridges, life rafts and lifeboats of naval and merchant ships, fishing boats and yachts worldwide. The quality, technological superiority and innovative design of each product, combined with worldwide type approvals and manufacturing in Bremerhaven to ISO 9001 & 15736 standards, has placed Comet at the forefront of marine safety. With distributors in over 60 countries, Comet’s range of SOLAS, MED and USCG approved distress signals is available in most major ports worldwide.

Comet website is www.comet-marine.com