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Sealing Products

Backed by more than 80 years of experience in shipboard applications, Drew Marine is recognized for sealing technology that meets the rigid demands and high standards of the marine industry. Our jointing and packing products are used by several high profile customers. The shipowners and operators who use us as their supplier of sealing products associate the Drew Marine name with performance. We deliver unsurpassed technical performance from high-quality, non-asbestos packings and jointings that extend the service life of critical equipment and help minimize maintenance costs.

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With Drew Marine as your provider of sealing products, you can count on:
  • High-quality products you need
  • Prompt, reliable deliveries where you need them
  • Uniform quality, standard design, and consistent pricing worldwide
  • Reduced packaging designed specifically for the marine industry
  • Real-time expert technical support


Jointing Products:

Dependable sealing from reliable, durable gaskets is crucial in protecting the crew, the marine environment, and shipboard equipment from the potential hazards associated with leaking pipes and pump casings. Our customers trust us to protect their most critical resources knowing our products are constructed using the most current technologies and best materials available. Our jointing products cover the full range of typical shipboard gasketing and jointing applications. Our customers rely on our technical expertise to help them choose the right product for the right application. Our value doesn’t stop at product delivery.


Packing Products:

Drew Marine’s packing products have been constructed for maximum packing life using top quality yarns, unique lubricating technologies, and advanced construction systems. As a result of our designs, inventory lasts longer, and outlays for packing materials are reduced. Our product offerings provide outstanding protection from corrosion, pitting, and leaks for every variety of marine pump and valve stem. We also offer quality, multi-use packings that provide opportunities for additional savings.


Drew Marine provides you with technical experience, quality products, and consistent service worldwide. Our customers have come to expect this unwavering value we bring them. Our sealing products are part of our added value. Be sure to click on the link below and download the Drew Marine Sealing Product Application Guide.

For additional product information, please contact a Drew Marine representative.