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ACR Electronics

ACR Electronics, Inc. is the leading development and manufacturing center for emergency beacons that are designed with one purpose in mind: Saving Lives. Through our combined technology expertise in the marine, aviation, outdoor and military markets, we design and manufacture cutting edge rescue beacons and survival gear for boaters, pilots, hunters, hikers and combat troops, not to mention many of the leading boat builders and aircraft manufacturers in the industry. ACR makes a host of survival products and has done so for 52 years.


ARTEX is the authorized brand name for aviation Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) product lines. These products serve the General, Business, Commercial and Military Aviation markets and include battery packs and ELT accessories like antennas and remote switches.

About ACR

ACR is the authorized brand name for safety and survival signaling products for the marine, outdoor, aviation and military/government markets. From distress beacons for the military and commercial maritime markets, to personal locator beacons for outdoor and aviation enthusiasts, to a complete line of signaling strobe and searchlights.

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