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Maintenance – Welding Products

Drew Marine provides welding and cutting products and gases specifically designed to meet the highest standards of the worldwide marine industry and to perform under the most rigorous shipboard conditions.
Safety is always a prime consideration. From the nozzle mixing design of our cutting attachment, to the recommended flashback arrestors and backfire valves, no welder should be without. All products are designed to perform safely and reliably under the toughest conditions of shipboard use and supported with parts and service through Drew Marine in all major ports throughout the world.

  • Gases – Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon and Nitrogen
  • Gas Welding and Cutting Equipment
  • Central Gas Installation Systems
  • Gas Welding and Brazing Consumables
  • Arc Welding Machines and Equipment
  • Electrodes and Accessories
  • Plasma Cutting Systems
  • TIG Welding Equipment, Consumables and Accessories
  • Ships Cabinet

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