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Drinking Water Solutions

As the premier water treatment and technical solutions provider to the marine industry and to complement our drinking water treatment program, Drew Marine was the first to introduce Potable Water Test Kit- C, to the marine industry for onboard monitoring of drinking water. The kit provides added safety for your crew, and when used as directed, enables compliance with the MLC 2006 monitoring requirements for drinking water. For the latest in ongoing improvements to our program, CLICK HERE.

The Potable Water Test Kit- C is a monitoring kit which can be used by shipboard personnel to regularly test drinking water onboard. The test kit contains all training tools, apparatus and reagents necessary to ensure drinking water is being monitored in compliance with ILO MLC, 2006. Test results are conveniently logged and can be shown to Flag and Port State officers as evidence of compliance.

For more information about our entire drinking water management program, including required tank cleaning, corrosion inhibition, and disinfection, please contact your local Drew Marine account executive.

For answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) on ILO MLC, 2006, CLICK HERE.